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Pringle confirms Brogan’s announcement of local election run

Thomas Pringle confirms Jimmy Brogan's announcement of local election run

Thomas Pringle has confirmed this morning that Mountcharles man, Jimmy Brogan who has worked with him for over 10 years, has announced his intention to stand as an Independent in the upcoming local elections for the Donegal Municipal District.

Jimmy Brogan, administrative assistant for Deputy Thomas Pringle, has announced that he will contest the local elections in the Donegal Municipal District as an independent candidate.

“As a Donegal man who has worked with Deputy Thomas Pringle for the past 12 years, I have seen first-hand the issues that affect the people of South Donegal and know how our political systems work,” Brogan said. “I believe that I will be able to help people directly and effectively as an independent member of Donegal County Council.”

Brogan has always been interested in politics. Born and raised in Doorin, outside Mountcharles, Brogan has lived in Donegal for most of his life, though he spent a few years in his 20s living in England and travelling through Australia, New Zealand and the United States, like so many Donegal people.

“I can remember going to the local polling station with my parents when I was very young,” he said. “My grandparents were from opposite sides of the traditional political divide, with my dad’s side taking the pro-treaty stance while my mum’s side of the family were on the republican side. My grandparents, especially my grandfather, Jimmy Boyle, and uncles from Glencolmcille were always politically active and I probably take my interest in politics from that side of the family.

“I have always believed in an equal-opportunity Irish Republic that welcomes people no matter what their race, religion or nationality, and allows all people the same opportunity to achieve their dreams even if they lack the financial resources,” he said.

Brogan’s wife, Maureen, is a teacher, and they live in Doorin near his parents, Danny and Christina Brogan. Father of five and grandfather to a baby grandson, Jimmy Brogan still enjoys doing a small bit of farming in Doorin.

“I got involved in politics when Thomas Pringle was elected to Dáil Éireann in 2011 and I have been working with Thomas since 2012 in his constituency office. I deal with people on an issue-by-issue basis in the office and always do as much as possible to help them reach a positive conclusion,” Brogan said.

Brogan also believes in the importance of an independent voice on the council.

“I believe that working along with Thomas, I will be a strong, independent voice on Donegal County Council,” he said. “I have followed Thomas and John Campbell in their time with the council and think there is a need for a left-wing, independent member of the council in South Donegal.

“I see how party politics can restrict a councillor’s effectiveness on the council and in politics in general. I have seen how Thomas has made a difference in forming policies and scrutinizing legislation in the Dáil and believe that I can have a similar impact on the council.”

Brogan believes in the strength of people power and pointed to the success of the recent campaign by the Gaelscoil na gCeithre Maistri community in Donegal town, the school his children have attended. Brogan also serves on the Gaelscoil’s board of management.

“I joined the Gaelscoil community in our struggle to get their new school building in place. The new school building will now open in September 2024, and the campaign’s success has shown the power of people when they work together for a common purpose,” he said.

Brogan makes the needs of rural Ireland a priority in his work and his outlook.

“I think we should work towards a more traditional, community-focused society with rural-friendly policies that help build a better future for our children, grandchildren and future generations,” Brogan said. “For example, as we address the pressing climate issues we face, we need to promote environmentally sustainable policies while taking account of the people’s traditional views. We can’t force people to give up their traditional practices without giving them viable alternatives that are practical and affordable.”

Brogan said his work has positioned him well to be an effective councillor.

“I have seen how cuts to essential services in Donegal have affected people’s lives,” he said. “The public health care system and hospital services in the north-west have been run into the ground, the cost and availability of housing has been catastrophic for a number of years, with homelessness a regular issue and hidden homelessness pushing many families to the brink. Local roads are in a chronic state, following years of neglect, and that’s just to name a few of the issues I deal with on a regular basis.

“If there are to be changes to the system, these changes have to start at local level.

“Over the years I have helped people from Glen to Bundoran to overcome many of the real-life issues that affect them and their families,” Brogan said. “I enjoy listening to people and helping them secure the assistance and supports they need and deserve whenever I can, and I believe I have the interest and the compassion that could make a difference to people’s everyday lives.”