Thomas Pringle TD

Pringle calls for EC President Ursula von der Leyen’s IMMEDIATE resignation!

Thomas Pringle TD - Calling for EC President Ursula von der Leyen's IMMEDIATE resignation

Independent TD for Donegal, Thomas Pringle, has called on European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to resign, saying she does not represent Ireland or Europe as a whole.

Addressing the Dáil today, Deputy Pringle said: “I would like to take this opportunity to call on Ursula von der Leyen to resign from her position as President of the European Commission immediately, following her comments regarding the conflict in Palestine and following her trip to Israel where she met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after which she released a statement that backed ‘Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas terrorists,’ justifying Israel’s horrific decision to cut off food, water and electricity to civilians in Gaza.”

The deputy said she also justified “the unforgivable bombing of innocent people in Gaza while Israel claimed ‘defence’. President von der Leyen massively overstepped the mark and her actions are not only unacceptable but unforgivable, as well as extremely dangerous. 

“She cannot be allowed to continue in her role as President of the European Commission. In fact, she cannot be allowed to represent the EU in any form any longer, I believe. She does not represent Europe as a whole and she certainly does not represent Ireland,” he said.

The deputy was speaking today during Statements pre-European Council meeting of 26th-27th October.

Deputy Pringle said: “But her comments sadly do reflect the stance of many European leaders and the true nature of the European Union, and it’s time that this true nature has been exposed to European citizens. Because that is what Europe is turning into, slowly before our eyes, a facilitator of war, a supporter of oppressors.

“In reality it has always been this way. Let us not forget that 10 of the world’s main colonisers are European countries. In reality, the ‘peace project’ that is the European Union has never been strong in calling for peace or in standing in solidarity with the oppressed.

“We, as European citizens, cannot allow Europe to continue to facilitate those calling for war, destruction and a European army in our name. Von der Leyen is just one of many with this view and goal for Europe. 

“And I would urge Irish voters to keep this in mind when voting in the European elections next year. European leaders should value the fundamental principles of human rights and democracy, and the undermining of international law is completely unacceptable. 

“I believe that Ursula von der Leyen’s position should be discussed at the upcoming European Council meeting and the fact that her actions not only bypassed the Council, but also disregarded the separation of powers within the European Union, according to which foreign policy is not determined by the Commission but by the Council of Ministers,” he said.


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