Thomas Pringle TD

Pringle credits campaigners for pressuring Government on 100% redress

Pringle calls for proper supports for mná tí

Independent TD for Donegal, Thomas Pringle, credited mica campaigners for moving the Government’s position on the issue of 100 per cent redress, as he pushed the Tánaiste for a timeline for the Government’s response.

Addressing the Dáil today during questions on promised legislation, Deputy Pringle said: “I note this morning that what is described as a ‘senior government source’ is now briefing the media that 100 per cent redress is being considered by the government.

“This is some position shift from your own statements of last week. And as always there are caveats with this latest kite-flying exercise. Testing the waters to see what might be acceptable. Nothing new to see this government all over the place on an issue.

“I have to say fair play to the Donegal mica redress campaigners as the pressure of their protest is clearly moving your government’s position on the issue in the right direction by the day. And their message is clear: 100 per cent redress, nothing less.

“So my question, Tánaiste, is this: Will we see a cabinet decision on mica redress in the first week of October as the Taoiseach said in New York last night or should we expect more delays from your government?”