Thomas Pringle TD

Work Is Continuing On Glencolmcille Area Water Service

Work Is Continuing On Glencolmcille Area Water Service
I have been in contact with Irish Water regarding service problems in the Glen area that have been going on since last week.
Irish Water tell me they are continuing to respond to an unplanned supply interruption to the Owentskna Water Supply and said some service has already been restored.
This has been a problem for nearly a week, with some parts of Glen without water for up to six days. A national school in Glen was closed today and Monday because they had no water.
I appreciate this news will not help those Donegal people who are still without water but I will keep on Irish Water until the problem is resolved completely.
The privatisation of Donegal water services has not helped. Most of our water treatment plants are run by private contractors, and that’s where things can break down – there isn’t good communication with public representatives or with the public.
Privatisation was done in the name of cost-cutting, but it has brought added layers to a service that was better handled by Donegal County Council.
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