Thomas Pringle TD

Thomas Pringle TD – Protect Taxi Drivers, People in the Arts Who Were Left Behind During Lockdown

The people left behind during the lockdown, such as taxi drivers and arts workers, are the people who should be looked after now. It is by protecting them that the State ensures they carry on into the future.


The motion and the amendment we debated today would make a huge difference to many working lives across the State and would make very little difference to public finances and to the State. Those should be the criteria used by the Government in deciding whether to go along with the measures.


This motion has been put forward in a spirit of wanting to do the best for everybody and it is a chance for the Dáil to come together, adopt the measures and ensure this happens to benefit the people who need it. It will also send out a positive signal from the Government, which has had a few hectic days, weeks and months on an ongoing basis, due to bad decisions and not making decisions properly. This is a good decision that the Government can make to make a difference to people’s lives.