Thomas Pringle TD

Thomas Pringle TD – Pat McDonagh, head of Supermac’s, Is Probably One Of The Main Beneficiaries Of Social Welfare!

Supermac’s is probably one of the main beneficiaries of social welfare in this country because the profits they make, are made on the backs of the very low-paid!

The State, by giving people social welfare, justifies Supermacs and businesses like it giving of low pay, thus helping him to make more profit. It is interesting that the main beneficiaries of social welfare and other State benefits in this country are employers. The social welfare payment facilitates a worker to work in a low-paid job, which allows the employer to make big profits.

We should change the argument around and this would change the whole narrative. We should say that employers are benefiting and are going to benefit. This would change everything. If we changed the narrative, we would not be attacking individuals on the jobseeker’s allowance, for example. The employers benefit.

The State is allowing employers to give low pay, then subsidised by the state. This happens right across the board. Despite this, we are supposed to bend over backwards for all the employers and say they are the best people and that only for them, nobody would be employment. Actually, only for the State they would not exist. That is the reality of the situation.