Thomas Pringle TD

Thomas Pringle TD – Increasing Capacity on Rural Transport

The National Transport Authority has maintained funding for rural transport companies at 100%. That is very welcome and it is very encouraging. As we move into the new phases, given the social distancing requirements, the existing rural transport buses will only have a significantly reduced capacity of 23%. Do the government’s plans include increasing capacity on them?

The Minister referred to masks and hand washing on flights and on buses. Will that also apply to rural transport? Will funding be provided so that rural transport companies can provide masks and hand sanitisers for people travelling on their buses?

There have been 54 deaths on the roads so far this year. That is shocking when one considers the reduction in traffic on the roads. That should be said an awful lot more.

The Minister also stated that tests for drink-driving and drug-driving have increased significantly and the number of people being caught has also increased significantly. Is it the case that there is more enforcement following the increase in checkpoints rather than more drink-driving taking place?

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