Thomas Pringle TD

Thomas Pringle TD – Support For Small Tourism Businesses

I asked the Minister of State about what measures are in place to assist small tourism businesses in meeting their ongoing costs and enabling them to reopen and stay in business.


The impact the lockdown is having on small businesses and tourism enterprises throughout the country and the question of how they can reopen in the coming time. A good report was done by the local authorities providing a regional analysis of the economic impact of the Covid-19 environment. It shows that the north west is supremely impacted, perhaps more so than any other part of the country.


The beginning of July has been mentioned as a possible timeframe for the reopening of this sector, but we do not yet know if that will be possible. There could be slippage in regard to that timeframe, depending on the response across the board. This year is impacted severely and probably gone for most tourism industries and businesses. I ask the Minister of State to outline what supports are available to the sector now, following which we can discuss what can be done into the future.