Thomas Pringle TD

Pringle slams Department over threat to cut wages of protesting childcare workers


Thomas Pringle – 30 Jan 2020


Independent general election candidate for Donegal Thomas Pringle has slammed the Department’s decision not to fund creches opening on an alternative day to make up time, meaning these businesses would have to cover the costs themselves.

Thomas says “this is nothing short of intimidation to workers practicing their democratic right to protest. I can tell you that the workers won’t be intimidated by these tactics and I will fully support them on their protest in Donegal next week.


“It’s an afront to workers in the childcare sector who are protesting because they are already paid so little for the important work they carry out. It’s also a blow for small childcare businesses who provide an essential need to a community but can’t afford the cost of running a service. Just last week Smart Steps in Convoy was forced to close down as pressure on the sector was unsustainable.


Also speaking on the issue Cllr Michael Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig “this is a disgrace. Early years services have always been able to change the days they open and keep their funding. It’s clear the rules change when workers want to protest. The Department should not get away with this level of intimidation. Workers deserve better and I will be out in solidarity with them next week when the protest in Letterkenny”.

Concluding, Thomas said “I call on the Department to immediately reverse their decision and respect the rights of childcare workers protesting next week. I also call on the Department and the Government to listen to the concerns of childcare workers and local childcare businesses to address the crisis in the sector once and for all”.