Thomas Pringle TD

Pringle says Donegal fishing rights under threat as new law passes through UK


Thomas Pringle – 29 Jan 2020

Independent general election candidate for Donegal, Thomas Pringle has today called for a strong Government response in the wake of new fishing legislation due to pass in the UK Parliament today.

Thomas says “the fishing legislation going through the UK Parliament seeks to end automatic EU access to UK fisheries which would greatly negatively affect Donegal fishermen.

“Once legislation passes it will be up to EU representatives to negotiate for Ireland’s access to UK fishing waters which will be done in Brussels.

“The Government must ensure that Donegal fishing rights are not sacrificed at EU negotiations. I am therefore calling on all parties who may be in Government and on Fine Gael as interim Government to make a strong statement that they will support fishing communities in Donegal and their access to fishing waters.

“I will commit to representing Donegal fishing communities throughout negotiations and if in the position to do so will negotiate strongly on their behalf. For now, anyone in the negotiating seat must confirm their commitment that fishing rights for Ireland’s fishermen will be fought for, tooth and nail” concludes Pringle.



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