Thomas Pringle TD

Pringle claims Donegal island communities largely absent from political party promises


“Political parties have failed to commit to protecting island community life and tradition” says Pringle


Thomas Pringle TD – 21 Jan 2020

Speaking this week on the campaign trail from Árainn Mhór Island, Independent TD for Donegal says “it’s a disgrace that no political party has mentioned the need to protect island life and tradition after being abandoned by Fine Gael in Government”.

“After a great day canvassing on the island and meeting with the community it was clear that greater focus on policy for the sustainable development of islands off Donegal’s coast is urgently needed. Islands and their communities continue to be at risk due to the lack of sustainable policies regarding their culture and traditions. Everything possible must be done to protect the livelihoods of island communities in Donegal and across Ireland.

“In 2014 I worked on a Committee Report that recommended actions to promote sustainable rural coastal and island communities, proposals which Fine Gael has failed to deliver 9 years on. With my work on the Agriculture Committee I’ve campaigned for greater resources for island and rural coastal communities and visited the islands off Donegal to hear directly from them.

“Now on the election campaign I fail to see any recognition of the needs of these island and rural coastal communities and I’m concerned we’ll enter another Dáil term with much of the same.

“We need to amend legislation to protect our dwindling fishing resources, protect traditional ways of seaweed harvesting and recognise and protect our unique and culturally important islands. I will continue to visit island and coastal communities throughout my campaign and speak up on their behalf” concludes Pringle.