Thomas Pringle TD

Pringle welcomes Donegal Council’s move to include recently registered voters in upcoming elections


Thomas Pringle TD – 18 Jan 2020


Independent TD and General Election candidate Thomas Pringle welcomes Donegal Council’s move to include people who registered to vote between May 7th and November 25th last year on the Supplementary Register of Electors for the upcoming General Election.

Deputy Pringle says “after making the call for Donegal Council to recognise recently registered voters in Donegal I’m delighted that the Council has made the move to acknowledge those voters.

“This move comes when Fine Gael had every opportunity to clarify and reassure these voters ahead of an election but instead left voters to fend for themselves. Fine Gael have utterly failed to inform voters which has been damaging to democracy.

“I’m glad that Donegal Council has acted quickly in relation to this and I hope that the Council will do everything in its power to communicate this positive change so that people are made aware of their voting rights.

“I would urge everyone who is eligible to vote to check if they are registered and make themselves aware that the closing date for people not already registered is next Wednesday, January 22nd. If anyone needs any assistance or access to RAF forms I am available to help and can be contacted at my various constituency offices,” concludes Pringle.