Thomas Pringle TD

Pringle slams government for failing women in Donegal


Thomas Pringle TD – 17 Jan 2020


Sitting TD and Independent Candidate for Donegal Thomas Pringle says that the government has failed women’s healthcare in Donegal after it has emerged that Gynaecology services at Letterkenny University Hospital are undergoing scrutiny due to concerns over diagnosis.

Speaking on the matter Pringle said “women have suffered an extortionate amount when it comes to access to healthcare in this country and particularly in Donegal. Following a series of scandals including Cervical Check, women have been struggling to get access to basic services in Donegal. In my time as independent TD for Donegal I have consistently raised issues regarding waiting lists over Breast Check, reduced access to maternity services over the years as well as patients coming to me suffering from endometriosis with little to no access to health supports in Donegal.

“Women demand and deserve high quality gynaecological and maternity care in Donegal as well as adequate cancer diagnosis and treatment.

“Restoring many of these services to community hospitals, for example maternity services in Carndonagh Community Hospital would ensure timely access to services while reducing waiting lists and demands on Letterkenny University Hospital and remove the need for women having to travel to Galway for services.

“I have written to the Minister many times on plans to improve maternity and gynaecological services and have been met with the same response: many plans but barely any funding to go along with it. Matched with the Fine Gael’s current HSE recruitment embargo and this spells disaster for women in Donegal.

“As long as the HSE recruitment freeze continues less consultants will be available diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care will be further eroded and negatively impact on women’s health outcomes overall. The two deaths that occurred in LUH over diagnosis failings did not have to happen and I want to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

“Women cannot afford await. Reform of access to healthcare must be a priority for the next Government with adequate and consistent funding to match and I will continue to ensure this is on the agenda and a key election issue going forward” concludes Pringle.



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