Thomas Pringle TD

Pringle hands Donegal petition of 300 signatures to Minister demanding reinstatement of the Rehabilitative Training Allowance


Thomas Pringle TD – 25 Oct 2019

Independent TD for Donegal Thomas Pringle has today handed over a petition of over 300 signatures by Donegal residents calling for the reinstatement of the Rehabilitative Training Allowance which was cut last month by the HSE.

Speaking on the petition Deputy Pringle says “these signatures represent a strong call from staff, service users and families of the National Learning Network in Letterkenny who have been drastically affected by the removal of the Training Allowance. Today they are urging the Minister to reinstatement the Allowance as it is a vitally important support to young people with disabilities who face extra barriers entering the work force.

“The removal of the Allowance was a targeted attack on people with disabilities and should not have been allowed to happen. Furthermore, we have been through a dismal Budgetary process that saw no new funding for supports to people with disability which is totally unacceptable especially in light of potential job cuts due to Brexit.

“What the Coalition Government fails to acknowledge is the impact these cuts have had on those with disabilities living in rural Ireland. People with disabilities face extraordinary barriers entering the work force and even more when living in a rural country like Donegal. The lack of accessible transport and availability of work add to the existing barriers people with disabilities must overcome. This is where the Rehabilitative Training Allowance can help in rural Ireland.

“It’s obvious this cut was made in light of the HSE overspend and the Government’s mismanagement of our health system but why people with disabilities are always the first to feel the pinch is a question the Government needs to answer.

“I will continue to raise the need to reinstate the Rehabilitative Training Allowance and increased funding for further supports for people with disabilities in Donegal and beyond. For now I urge the Minister to respond positively to the strong call made by those associated with the National Learning Network in Letterkenny who put their name down on the petition in good faith that the Minister would take their message seriously” concludes Pringle.