Thomas Pringle TD

Pringle prioritises rural transport at launch of Oireachtas Climate Action Report


Thomas Pringle TD – April 16th, 2019


Today Deputy Pringle and members of the Oireachtas Climate Action Committee have launched their climate action report outlining recommendations on Ireland’s transition to a low carbon economy.


Speaking on the Report Deputy Pringle says “my main priority throughout my work on the Committee the past 8 months was for the radical expansion of rural transport for Donegal as part of climate action measures and I successfully campaigned for its inclusion in the Report.


“I spoke strongly of the need for rural proofing in the transition to a low carbon economy and highlighted the fact that climate solutions will have to be different for people in Donegal than they are for people living in Dublin.


“It’s vital that the transition to a low carbon economy reflects the realities of life in rural Ireland and takes into account the fact that Donegal has experienced chronic underinvestment of transport infrastructure by governments past and present leading to an over-reliance on cars.


“A radical overhall of our rural public transport system will not only benefit our citizens including people with disabilities, the elderly and those physically isolated from communities, but will also help revitalise our rural towns and villages.


“Accessible, low emissions transport will help develop rural economies by sustaining local small businesses as well as creating new jobs through expanded tourism and greater interconnectivity between towns.


“Ultimately if climate action is done right and it prioritises the disadvantaged and most vulnerable not only will it succeed in the protection of our environment but in the revitalisation of rural life in towns and villages across Donegal and rural Ireland. I would urge Fine Gael to act on foot of this Report and deliver for our environment and that of rural Ireland” concludes Pringle.