Thomas Pringle TD

Minister confirms compensation available to those affected by Illness Benefit delays


Thomas Pringle – Feb. 19th, 2019


Speaking in response to Deputy Pringle’s question to the Dáil Minister for Social Protection Regina Doherty confirmed that compensation would be available for those who incurred financial penalties as a result of delays in the processing of Illness Benefit last year.


Deputy Pringle responded by welcoming the outcome after raising the issue twice before seeking, compensation for recipients negatively affected.


“I welcome the Minister’s response to my question as it is something I have been seeking since delays began. Many recipients had fallen into debt either from new loans or failing to pay existing loans with some banks incurring penalties for delayed payments.


“It’s important that those who were already in need of income support via the Illness Benefit scheme were not left behind to deal with the financial mess as a result of a mistake the Department made. I’m glad that the State is accepting its responsibility and being held to account.


“I would urge anyone who incurred a financial cost or penalty to present themselves to the Community Welfare Offices with receipts. Exceptional Needs Payments are available to any individual who incurred a financial cost as a direct result of Illness Benefit delays.


“While I feel there should be a payment above and beyond financial costs I welcome this development and will keep a close eye on its progress. I hope that compensation claims will be dealt with in a timely manner for the benefit of the recipient” concludes Pringle.