Thomas Pringle TD

Campbell resigns from Donegal County Council

John Campbell has resigned from Donegal County Council.

Mr Campbell, an independent, was first co-opted onto the council to replace Deputy Thomas Pringle when he was elected to the Dail. He was elected in his own right at the next local elections.

Mr Campbell will be replaced by Seamus Maguire from Donegal Town, who is set to be co-opted onto the council,.

John Campbell says he will be helping with a coordinated effort to bring more independents onto the council in this year’s local elections.

He believes a sea change is in the offing……….

Cllr Campbell’s press release –


I have this morning tendered my resignation from Donegal County Council to the meetings administrator in Lifford.
It has been a decision that I have come to after a lot of discussion with family, friends and supporters over the Christmas period.
Over the past number of months I along with Thomas Pringle TD and others have been working on a local elections strategy. We intend to run a number of candidates across the county and have almost completed the process of identifying people.
With this in mind, we feel the work involved to coordinate and lead this project needs a more firm time commitment and a person dedicated to the role than I would be able to provide while also serving the people as an elected representative seekiing re-election.
It is with great sadness that I have decided to step back from the public role I have held with great pride and commit to this new position.
I have enjoyed immensely working with my fellow councillors, the executive and most especially the staff of Donegal County Council over the last 8 years. The dedication of staff in the organisation to the people of Donegal is something to behold and really is only properly witnessed through our role as public representatives.
I would like to thank my own supporters, my local community, and those who placed their faith in me at the 2014 local elections: Your loyalty and support has been unwavering and I cannot begin to express my depth of gratitude.
Although sad to be leaving my present position, I am looking forward to this new opportunity and am excited by the road ahead.